Candidate for Indiana’s 6th congressional district

Bill Frazier has a consistent record advocating lower taxes, smaller government, strong national defense, and strong support for the second Amendment. He also supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution as well as a Right to Life amendment.

For years Bill Frazier has been saying, “Stop exporting our good paying jobs, we must secure our borders, and make certain that only American citizens are eligible to vote. A new tax system must be adopted. Fair Tax, Flat Tax, anything would be better than what we have now; but first we need to abolish the IRS. Today 51% of the taxpayers pay no income tax. We need more people pulling the wagon than are riding.”

Bill Frazier: A long political history

Phone call from Mike Pence congratulating Bill on a well-fought campaign in 2000.

Video of Bill Frazier talking with then Presidential Candidate Ronald Regan and his soon-to-be Vice President George H. W. Bush. Circa 1980. No sound.